Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 1

I have never wrote a blog before, although I have always wanted to. About the life I live as a mother for four, a wife, student and a coach (for free).

Everyday I start my day by waking up getting myself ready, then waking up my 7 year daughter, 15 year old son, and 4 year old son. I get the two little one ready for school by myself. I kiss my 3 year old son and husband goodbye in the mornings before I leave for my day of class at 8:30 or 10:30 depending on the day of the week. Oh and my husband had hurt his back really bad to where some days I have to take my youngest to my mohter-in-laws. Then I head to school which I am enrolled in 16 credit hours. I am going to school to become a physical educator/coach. At around 12:20 on M-W-TH-F is when i can head home, but on tuesday I don't head back home tell about 3:30. Also everyday I have coach the jr. high girls softball team from 3:30 to 5:30 everyday.

I do the coaching on my free time, one season is because I love teaching young kids that they can do anything as long as they believe in them self; the oter reason is because it gives me extra credit for my school. It may take up a lot of my free time from my kids, but I am showing them that going to collage can me done no matter what. I had my first child when i was 17 and got married when i was 19; I am now just 24 years old.

But what I am really writing this blog for is to talk about my hard times. As of this monday my husband got fired from his job for telling his boss that he was going to file for workers comp. He got hurt on the job in may of this year. Monday I went to go pick up his check and it wasn't there, this check was our income, I do not have a job I'm just a mother, wife, student, and coach. So as of today we have no money and nothing for our own kids. My husband hurt his back to where he is missing one of his disc and one is about to be gone, he can't move that much or drive in cars for long periods of times. Some days this week I have cried worry about what our family of 6 is going to do. Oh and also we live in a one bedroom house that we are trying to build onto, which I'll get into the whole project in a different blog ( its a heachache in its self). I'll leave who ever reads this with this tonight and I'll write again tomorrow. I'm sure if blogs are suppose to be longer or shorter than this so I'll just pick up here tomorrow.

Thanks for reading
Ruby Ross